Quaise Energy Appoints Ali Azad as Independent Board Director

Ali Azad, Independent Board Director of Quaise Energy.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Quaise Energy, the company unlocking terawatt-scale geothermal, announced today the appointment of Ali Azad as an independent board director. Azad brings to the board more than forty years of experience in executive leadership and operational positions for first-of-a-kind power project deployments in high-tech, high-regulation environments.

The announcement follows Quaise’s Series A1 capital raise of $21 Million earlier this year. The proceeds will, among other aims, strengthen the company’s supply chain position and support field demonstrations of its ground-breaking drilling technology.

“Ali is exactly who we need on our board,” said Carlos Araque, co-founder and CEO of Quaise Energy. “His deep experience in technology development, power project construction and deployment, and capital formation in the energy industry will support the company’s goal of deploying terawatts of clean power around the world.”

Azad’s experience as President and CEO of Generation mPower is highly relevant to Quaise. At Generation mPower he led operations, project development, and marketing of small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs). The lessons Azad brings from SMRs will undoubtedly help Quaise navigate the energy technology path from lab to field to market.

“Energy is the backbone of the global economy,” Azad said. “I see Quaise Energy at the nexus of the clean energy transition by unlocking the true potential of geothermal on a global scale.”

Azad holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Master of Business Administration from Wake Forest University. He currently serves as an independent advisor and board member of Avesta Advisors.

Commercializing deep geothermal energy involves navigating complex technology, financial, and regulatory environments. Azad’s expertise and sharp outlook on the energy industry will strengthen Quaise to unlock clean energy abundance for all.

About Quaise

Quaise Energy is terawatt-scale geothermal, opening access to renewable baseload power for the planet. Deep geothermal uses less than 1% of the land and materials of other renewables, making it the only option for a sustainable clean energy transition.

The Quaise approach to deep geothermal is unique in being geography agnostic. Outfitting existing drilling rigs with millimeter wave technology opens the way for power-dense, deep geothermal energy on a global scale. Quaise is accelerating the clean-energy transition by repowering the fossil-fired infrastructure of today with clean geothermal steam.

Quaise Energy spun out of the MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center in 2018. The company has raised over $95M to date.

Learn more at quaise.energy.


Harry Kelso
Communications Manager

I see Quaise Energy at the nexus of the clean energy transition by unlocking the true potential of geothermal on a global scale.

Ali Azad Independent Board Director