Unlocking the true power of clean geothermal energy.

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    Terawatts of clean energy

    We are developing an entirely new way to access the largest untapped energy source on the planet: geothermal energy.

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    At scale

    Our approach uses the established workforce, assets, supply chains, and regulatory frameworks of the fossil fuel industry. We don’t need to create infrastructure from scratch.

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    Equitable for all

    By providing the multi-terawatt levels of energy required to power our civilization, we can build a truly equitable, clean energy source on a global scale.

Geothermal has the power density and scalability of fossil fuels, allowing us to put clean energy on the grid very quickly.


Deep geothermal energy is at the core of an energy-independent world. It is the only renewable solution with the potential to get us to net zero by 2050. It is renewable, inexhaustible, and available everywhere.

To scale geothermal to terawatts we must drill deeper, hotter, and faster than ever before possible.

Our gyrotron-powered drilling platform vaporizes boreholes through rock and provides access to deep geothermal heat without complex downhole equipment.

Based on breakthrough fusion research and well-established drilling practices, we are developing a radical new approach to ultra-deep drilling. First, we use conventional rotary drilling to get to basement rock. Then, we switch to high-power millimeter waves to reach unprecedented depths.

FIG. 2
A detailed architectural drawing of the gyrotron-powered drilling platform including three components: a gyrotron, which produces the millimeter waves and which stays on the surface; standard tubing as used in oil and gas operations, which acts as a waveguide to convey the waves efficiently over long distances; and a gas, which carries the vaporized rock back to surface.

FIG. 3 Millimeter wave drilling will unlock the most abundant and powerful clean energy source on Earth by allowing us to drill as far down as 20 km to reach temperatures up to 500° C.

Mantle2885 km2000ºCCore3486 km7000ºCCrust65 km01000ºC

3 – 20 km

Deeper geothermal is more universal. At these depths, we can reach superhot geothermal anywhere on Earth, making it a truly global energy source. It provides a path to energy independence for every nation.

Mantle2885 km2000ºCCrust65 km01000ºCCore3486 km7000ºC

300 – 500° C

Hotter geothermal has more power density. At these temperatures, geothermal is so powerful that it can reuse fossil-fired infrastructure around the world. It enables a much faster energy transition.

A truly equitable clean energy source, abundantly available near every population and industrial center on the planet.

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Unlimited Possibilities

  • Workforce ready

    The oil and gas industry represents the largest workforce in energy today. Their skills readily transfer to geothermal, harnessing a ready-made green workforce.

  • No geopolitics

    Geothermal does not require any fuels and does not produce any waste. It’s truly renewable, abundant, and equitable for all, even in the most challenging energy environments.

  • Infrastructure ready

    From drilling rigs to power plants, fossil fuel infrastructure dominates the world today. It can all be readily repurposed to rapidly advance a geothermal world of clean energy.

  • Environmentally super sound

    Deep geothermal uses less than 1% of the land and materials of other renewables, making it the only option for a sustainable clean energy transition.

  1. First full-scale hybrid drilling rig combining conventional rotary drilling and millimeter wave drilling capabilities.

  2. First Superhot Enhanced Geothermal System rated to 100 MW of thermal energy from a handful of wells.

  3. First fossil-fired power plant repowered with clean geothermal steam.