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Deep geothermal energy is at the core of an energy-independent world. Our mission is to bring this inexhaustible, renewable, clean energy source to future generations. This is the profound power of deep geothermal. We are unlocking energy for all.

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Carlos Araque

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

Carlos Araque is the co-founder and CEO of Quaise Energy. He leads a team that intends to unlock the heat beneath our feet, a feat that could ultimately power the world with clean energy. To make that energy — supercritical geothermal power — available to all, Carlos is leveraging his considerable experience solving difficult technical challenges in the oil industry for Schlumberger and as technical director for The Engine, MIT’s groundbreaking fund and platform to commercialize world-changing technologies. Carlos believes that supercritical geothermal power has the potential to replace fossil fuels as the world’s dominant energy source.

“Our ultimate goal is to replace every single oil or gas well with a supercritical geothermal well providing the same amount of energy.”

Matthew Houde

Co-founder, ARPA‑E Project Manager

Matt Houde is the project manager for the $5M grant that Quaise received from the Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA‑E) to develop a new drilling technology that could allow the world to access the supercritical geothermal heat that is miles beneath our feet. In addition to his financial and administrative duties related to the grant, he schedules key tests to meet project milestones. The work involves coordinating with Paul Woskov of MIT, the inventor of the technology Quaise is based on, and scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratories, which will physically host Quaise experiments. The Quaise team is also collaborating with AltaRock Energy and Impact Technologies.

“We need a more reliable renewable energy source that uses much less land. Supercritical geothermal fits that spot like a glove.”
Portrait of Kevin Bonebrake

Kevin Bonebrake

Chief Financial Officer, Head of Corporate Development

Kevin Bonebrake is Chief Financial Officer and Head of Corporate Development for Quaise Energy. He leads a team that is developing and executing on all aspects of Quaise’s strategy as well as funding and commercializing its innovative millimeter wave drilling technology for power-dense, deep geothermal energy applications. Kevin started his professional career as a mechanical engineer researching industrial laser applications, then spent nearly twenty years advising energy companies on all aspects of strategy and financing as a senior investment banker at Morgan Stanley and Lazard. He believes that super-hot geothermal can provide the energy that will be needed to power the world’s rapidly growing economy through the end of this century and beyond.

“The commer­cial­iza­tion of this technology will enable a transformational leap forward in the heat content of geothermal systems, which in turn will deliver cost effective clean baseload power to the entire planet.”

Franck Monmont

Vice President, Research

Franck Monmont is vice president of research and development at Quaise Energy. He leads the team that is developing large-scale computer models to predict and understand what happens deep underground during the Quaise drilling process. The work essentially simulates the physics involved when millimeter waves interact with and vaporize rock. The results are used to not only design Quaise equipment but also to solve potential problems during operations. For 20 years, Franck was a research scientist for Schlumberger, where he solved problems for the oil industry. His projects included designs for a downhole acoustic telemetry tool, a reservoir simulator for the in-situ combustion process, a 3D printed electrical submersible pump (ESP), and a series of drilling event detection workflows deployed worldwide.

“It’s always exciting to do something you haven’t done before, especially when nobody else has done it.”

Henry Phan

Vice President, Engineering

Henry Phan is vice president of engineering for Quaise Energy. He leads the team that is developing an industrial application of the novel drilling technology Quaise is based on. That technology has been successfully demonstrated in the laboratory. Henry and his team aim to scale the system for use in the field. That includes building a much larger — and more robust — system that is easy to maintain. Henry’s entire career has prepared him for this mission. Over 25 years he has brought several important products to life, from initial designs to full commer­cial­iza­tion, including the Manara system at Schlumberger.

“Supercritical geothermal energy could be an unlimited source of green energy on a human timeframe.”
  • Justin Lamb

    Project Manager

  • Andres Calabressi

    Project Manager

  • Stephen Jeske

    Project Manager

  • Jimmy Lee


  • Francesco Vaghi


  • Marco Quilico


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  • Stephanie Wade

    Business Development

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    Business Development

  • Quinlan Byrne



Carlos Araque spent fifteen years working at one of the world’s foremost providers of drilling services to the oil and gas industry. Seeing the negative impacts of that industry firsthand made him want to do something to help make things better. Quaise’s deep drilling technology is the result of a decade of research conducted by Paul Waskov at the MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center. 
Aaron Mandell knew both Paul and Carlos and put them all at the table together. Once the first conversation started everyone knew it was a once-in-a-generation idea. Vinod Khosla was the first backer, bringing our ideas to life. Two years later, The Engine, a venture fund built by MIT, led the seed round to help take our technology to market.
  • MIT
  • University of Cambridge
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • ARPA-E
  • Vinod Khosla

  • The Engine Fund
  • Collaborative Fund
  • Safar Partners
  • Nabors
  • Altarock
  • General Atomics
  • CPI Investments
  • Bridge12
  • Impact Technologies

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