Digging Deeper for a Brighter Future

Energy is at the core of human prosperity. It is in the food that sustains us, the fire that warms us, and the fuel that propels us. Energy eradicates poverty, enables international trade, launches missions to outer space, and brings our families closer together. Energy is the ability to do. And to continue building a better world together, we need to transition from abundant carbon-based energy to abundant carbon-free energy on a global scale.

The necessary speed and scale of the clean energy transition are unprecedented for humanity. There has never been a more daunting challenge or compelling reason to succeed. And despite our best intentions, efforts, and policies, global emissions are clearly on track to increase by 2050.

A successful energy transition would eliminate emissions altogether while decreasing land, mineral, and labor intensity per unit of energy produced. It would provide more energy to more people in more places while preserving our limited ecological, human, and financial resources. It would accomplish more with less; we only need to look down to find one of the most compelling answers to this challenge.

Let us explore the possibilities afforded by a geothermal-powered world together.

At Quaise, we firmly believe geothermal can and will be the foundation of the clean energy transition. After all, geothermal is not only the most abundant energy source on the planet, but one available within a short distance of every human being: a carbon-free source, one that requires no fuels, produces no waste, and ensures global energy security for everyone everywhere.

Let us explore the possibilities afforded by a geothermal-powered world together. Throughout 2024, as we approach our first groundbreaking field trials, we want to share with you the reasons why we think geothermal is not an option but a necessity for collective success.

The late astronomer Carl Sagan once said, “There is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves.” This is not the time for shallow and insufficient thinking but for bold and creative action; now is the time to dig deep. The answer is closer than we think.

Energy is everything. At Quaise, we look at the big picture to see where the world is and where it needs to go. Today, fossil fuels still dominate global energy by a long shot. A smoother transition to clean energy requires a bold new vision grounded in science, scale, and speed. Join us as we explore the future of energy and the power of deep geothermal.